Summer Pump Chest & Triceps Workout | Flex Friday with Trainer Mike

Get ready to add some size and definition to your chest and triceps this summer with this killer workout from Trainer Mike Hildebrandt.
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| Mike HIldebrandt’s Summer Pump Chest & Triceps Workout |
1. Flat DB press 4×6
2. Incline smith press 4×10
3. Close grip hammer press 4×12
4. Superset
a. Standing cable fly 3×15
b. Sven press 3×10
5. Bench dip 4×10
6. Skull crusher 28’s 3×28
7. DB kick backs run the rack

To gain the full benefit of your gym time, push it with these exercises. That means getting a good stretch in at the eccentric end of each movement, as well as a good contraction at the other end. It means taking it slowly, using the negative to intensify the force on the muscle.

| Dumbbell Bench Press |
This flat press will target the majority of your chest muscles. Hildebrandt uses dumbbells to make sure both arms work equally, not letting the stronger one compensate for the weaker. When you finish the fourth set, move immediately into the final dropset, using 50 percent of your weight from the first four sets.

| Smith Machine Incline Bench Press |
The Smith machine focuses your effort on the upper chest. Now you’re freed up to direct all your attention to pressing up the weight by recruiting your chest muscles instead of your arms. Get a solid contraction on your upper pecs as you reach the end of the positive portion of the exercise. Drop your weight by 50 percent for the fifth set and go until failure.

| Dumbbell Bench Press With Neutral Grip |
Start with your elbows flared at the bottom of the lift. As you push the weights up, bring your elbows together. Once you’ve reached the peak, press the dumbbells together for a 3-second contraction, one that should reach all the way to your inner pecs.

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