Slow Reps vs Fast Reps for Muscle Growth

One often overlooked variable when it comes to training is lifting tempo – or how slow/fast you perform each repetition. In this video I’ll cover slow reps vs fast reps, and which one is better in terms of muscle growth. The main benefits of slow reps for mass is that it increases the time under tension throughout the set. On the other hand, the main benefit of using fast reps is that it enables you to use a heavier load or perform more reps when compared to slow reps. And although time under tension is reduced when fast reps are used, this actually doesn’t seem to hinder muscle growth. Thus, it’s clear that fast reps might be more beneficial for muscle growth. But how fast should you go and what’s the ideal rep speed? Based on Schoenfeld’s meta-analysis, between 2 seconds to 6 seconds per rep seems optimal for muscle growth. But closer to 2 seconds (faster reps) seem to be slightly more beneficial. However, rather than obsessing over the best rep speed for muscle, a better approach would be to simply use a concentric speed that’s on the faster side but enables you to feel a strong mind-muscle connection. And for the eccentric portion of the lift, make sure you’re controlling the weight down as opposed to letting gravity do the work for you. Utilizing these two tips will help make the “ideal” lifting tempo easy to implement!


Slow Reps vs Fast reps: Which is Better for Muscle Growth



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