Functional Bodybuilding Tabata w/ Marcus Filly

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Watch Marcus Filly (6x CrossFit Games Athlete & Founder of Functional Bodybuilding & Revival-Strength) perform this Functional Bodybuilding approach to a Tabata workout while listening to “Dark Symphony Tabata”.

This Tabata Workout programmed and performed by Marcus includes alternating sets of Kettlebell Cross Body Walking Lunges & L-Sit Flutter Kicks. The Tabata Protocol consists of eight 20 second intervals, each followed by 10 seconds of rest, for a total of four minutes. 

TabataSongs creates music that matches the exact timing of the Tabata Protocol.

Marcus Filly is the founder of Revival-Strength, which helps individuals develop their fitness and get breakthrough results with the Individual Design program. Individuals work with a Revival Strength coach one-on-one to provide a custom training, nutrition, and lifestyle program either remotely or at their facility in San Rafael, CA. 

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Produced by Tabata Songs
Filmed by Ghitta Larsen

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